The Academy for knowledge on Men's Violence Against Women

The Academy is an independent education agency in Gothenburg and has since 2001 organized training courses, seminars and courses in the field of "domestic violence".

The courses are aimed to different types of staff in Social services, Women shelters and Young women shelters, Police, Schools etc.

We offer courses with the focus on domestic violence with general character and special focus on elderly people and people with disability but also presents new research findings and methods in the field.

Geographically, are we located at the West Coast but travel around the country on various assignments for municipalities, county councils / regions, different associations and the judiciary.

We also go abroad! For exemple have we been in Icleand several times where we brought our knowlwdge about violence against women with disablilty.


We have over the years had many different clients, see the list at  References. If you wish to make contact with one of the clients - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Projects and development

We work in various development projects in order to increase the ability of the various vulnerable groups to get support and participate in the society of knowledge collections.

Talk about Violence with pictures is another tool that we have developed.

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk but also to start talking about experiences of violence, whether the person has been exposed by a partner, a close relative or staff. 

It can be easier to start the conversation, both as abused and as a supporter using a communication tool. Read more.

For example have we adjusting an internetbased questionnaire, Pict-O-Stat.

The questionnnaire Pict-O-Stat: Violence, is to be used to ask questions about experience of violence for people that selldom answers qustionannaires.

Read more.

Swedish literature about men's violence against women in English:

Violence and health in Sweden. A National Prevalence Study on Exposure to Violence among Women and Men and its Association to Health

Violence against people with disabilities (2007)

Looking the Other Way: A Study Guide to Female Victims of Violence with Disabilities (2012)

Captured queen: men’s violence against women in “equal” Sweden : a prevalence study (2002)

Publications in English at website of the National Center for knowledge on Men's violence agianst women. You find the website here.