About us

The Academy for knowledge on Men's Violence Against Women

The Academy is an independent education agency in Gothenburg and has since 2001 organized training courses, seminars and courses in the field of "domestic violence".

The courses are aimed to different types of staff in Social services, Women shelters and Young women shelters, Police, Schools etc.

We offer courses with the focus on domestic violence with general character and special focus on elderly people and people with disability but also presents new research findings and methods in the field.

Geographically, are we located at the West Coast but travel around the country on various assignments for municipalities, county councils / regions, different associations and the judiciary.

We also go abroad! For exemple have we been in Icleand several times where we brought our knowlwdge about violence against women with disablilty.

Our employee

Denise Cresso

Denise is our education manager.  She is a social worker and has worked in the field of rehabilitation for a long time. In recent years at the Visually Impaired Association.

She was one of the initiators and worked with communications within the project Development Double Exposed whose purpose was to highlight issues around violence against women with disabilities.

Denise was the project manager for Project EJA who had focus of violence against women with disabilities and the importance of accessibile information and shelters. She has also been working as a developing manager at Gothenburg's

competence center for domestic violence - Dialoga.

+46 706 - 148 146

denise @ kvinnofrid.nu